Dewey Aum is a Psychic Medium, being the last born son of a Baptist Minister is what created his foundation as a Spiritual Conduit. His faith in God, Jesus and The Holy Spirit is what connects and grounds him in his communications beyond the veil. His first encounter with a spirit person was at the age of five. Without fear, Dewey embraced this new friend without hesitation. He remembers having full conversations each day with his spirit friend in the corner of his mother’s living room.



Cerelle (Sister)

Dewey the Psycho…….. LOL!!!
Psycho isn’t a negative thing it’s just a what I call my youngest brother. I’ve watched him grow as a man and Psychic Medium. His journey has been very interesting for me to watch because of the changes in him and in myself by association.
When he first started studying religion, we thought he was following dad into the ministry. Then studying natural herbs and all manner of things that I thought was weird, or him just exploring this big world. Little did anyone realize he was building the foundation for his mediumship. Looking back I can see how all the stuff I thought was “weird”, has made him very well rounded.
Now that Dewey has found his true calling, I find we can connect on a totally different level than ever before. From the time he first started talking we have been close and could talk about most things. Now, wow!, we speak of things I could never have imagined I could speak to anyone about that they would understand. He understands and has his own point of view about. It’s very thrilling to see what my baby brother is becoming.

Cerelle (Sister)
National Park, NJ

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