Dewey Aum is a Psychic Medium, being the last born son of a Baptist Minister is what created his foundation as a Spiritual Conduit. His faith in God, Jesus and The Holy Spirit is what connects and grounds him in his communications beyond the veil. His first encounter with a spirit person was at the age of five. Without fear, Dewey embraced this new friend without hesitation. He remembers having full conversations each day with his spirit friend in the corner of his mother’s living room.

As Dewey grew into his teen years, he became quite fond of music, especially Hip-Hop & R&B music. He became a renowned DJ in the Philadelphia area for years. He didn’t realize at the time that his vast knowledge of music would become one of his catalyst for delivering evidential messages from other people’s loved ones in spirit. That is one of the reasons he is sometimes called “The Hip-Hop Medium.” Dewey also became fully aware that God has made use of every occupation, theological study, major event and each person he has met in life as preparation to help provide messages of love, hope and guidance.

With his jovial personality and his down to earth attitude, Dewey’s message delivery is straightforward, comforting and humorous with the utmost respect to all participants involved. He states that, “It is not only about how you connect with the people beyond the veil, but also how you connect with the people of this earth.” Dewey understands that God is using him to help define the bridge between all faiths and spirituality.


Psychic readings involve the Psychic receiving information from “you” the living person through your vibrations, aura, and energy field. This information is received by the Psychic through the use of extra-sensory perceptions that are far beyond the usual five physical senses. The data obtained usually consists of past,present and future events in your life. Psychic readings are all about the vibrational energy of a person, place or thing. A Medium also can tune into the energy field of a person no longer in the physical body. Mediumship readings consist of communication with spirit people who are no longer in their human form. With a Mediumship reading, a connection is made with one of your spirit loved ones. Mediums work the same way as Psychics. We already know Psychics tune into the auras and energy fields of a person in a living body. When it comes to Mediums, we can tune into the energy fields and auras of a spirit person no longer in their physical form as well as the living person in human form. Every Medium possesses psychic ability but not every Psychic possesses mediumistic skills. Please remember as Mediums we are only conduits for the spirit world.


Majority of mediums are not always able to conjure or connect with specific spirits at his/her will. Mediums tend to connect with those spirit loved ones who choose to connect with or communicate with particular mediums who will best serve the message and/or purpose of their visit. In my own experience, it is best for you to come into your reading with an open mind and heart. God along with your spirit loved ones will provide the information and healing that is most needed for you at this time. Remember, God and the spirit people are highly intelligent and know what’s best for us. They know for sure which spirit loved one will be the best communicator for you and what you need at this time.


Spirits provide me with evidence of their identity and information in many ways. It is usually by providing me with a mental picture of physical attributes of their face, hair, style of dress. Sometimes they show me their picture in a frame. They have also shown me a view of their homes, activities, words, names and other people they knew in physical form. Spirit loved ones even speak to me in my thoughts. They tell me their favorite phrases, the cause of death, songs, names or provided me with other sounds (traffic, trains, etc…) to provide evidence for the recipient. The spirit people always share their feelings of emotion (happy, proud, etc…), personality (funny sense of humor, introverted, etc…), pains and injuries (heart attacks, lung issues, etc…) with me with the use of my body. This is usually in the form of a ping or sensation (i feel like or start laughing or crying, hot, cold or tingly feeling) on my body to say where the injury or pain occurred for them. They have also blended with me and provided me with an instant knowing of information about them or the recipient. With each reading, it is always different. There always seems to be a new way the spirit people provide me information for my recipients.


I do not tell the future, Sometimes predictions do come about psychically or mediumistically. Psychic or Mediumship readings are not about telling you your future but about guidance and healing for us all. Remember, God gives us all free will and the power to make decisions for ourselves. With this God-given power, we can influence our future.
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